Some years ago I realised that living in another era probably wouldn’t have been as fun as it once seemed, since in all likelihood I’d have been a half-starved peasant bound to die of the plague, childbirth, or a witch-hunt before I hit 30. Cruelly torn from my dreams of being an Elizabethan courtier or a Georgian heiress (see Burney’s 1782 novel Cecilia: Memoirs of an Heiress), I turned to books for solace.

It’s at this point I should confess that were there a Historians Anonymous support group, I’d probably be a member. Going on to study History at university, alas, only worsened the problem. Much of my free time is spent reading history books and old novels, or happily wandering around castles and stately homes. I’m currently on a two-year quest to visit pretty much every historical pile of rocks in Jordan, where I live.

Although this blog does focus on British history, where my particular interest lies, I also write on European and global history. I pick out interesting stories, people and things. History can be funny, tragic, or simply odd, and can teach us things about ourselves and the world we live in. I hope that this blog will capture some of that diversity.





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